Artist Statement

Photo by Anne Staveley

My work is a conversation in color inspired by the intricacies of our natural world.  Extracting my palette from nature, my work embodies the delicate interplay of light and color, texture and form.  While working, I intuitively synthesize memories of the land, sky and water, allowing something new to emerge–a metamorphosis.  The culmination results in capturing the essence of a place vaguely familiar to us all.  Similar to the excitement of recognizing familiar images while watching clouds, my work seeks to grasp the contemplative eye of the viewer.

Through my paintings I explore texture, color and process, a practice that deepens my relationship with the New Mexico landscape.  I am a colorist who meticulously mixes each color, often utilizing complementary colors to create vibrancy.   Texture is a significant component of my work as my goal is to create a surface, not just paint on one.  I hand collect various natural materials from New Mexico such as mica, colored sand and flowers, and incorporate them into my paintings.  My work is the antithesis of Trompe l’oeil: rather than trying to “trick” the viewer into believing the image is reality, I aim to intrigue the viewer with paint in its beautiful simplicity.

I am currently interested in exploring horizon lines and reducing my palette to a few colors.  I plan to continue working with both encaustic and acrylic paint in small and large formats.