Art Workshops

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I offer personalized art workshops for all student levels.  With 20 years experience as an artist, 13 as a teacher, and a Master’s in Art Education, I have the expertise to assist you with painting, whether you want to learn how to paint or advance your skills.  See course options below, and I can also accommodate special requests.  Workshops take place at my art studio that is located 15 minutes from downtown Santa Fe and offers bright light and beautiful views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Transportation to and from the workshop can be arranged for a fee.

Workshop Dates & Registration Information

Workshops occur on an ongoing basis.  I predominantly do private instruction, though occasionally I do workshops for larger groups. To register for a workshop, send me a message by clicking on “Contact” on the right menu bar of this page. Taxes and supplies (paint, brushes, canvas, paper, etc.) are included in all workshops.  Discounts offered for groups of more than 4.

Course Offerings

Abstract Painting3 hours

As someone who started out painting portraits and flowers, twenty years later I now exclusively paint abstractly.  Since there are no pre-determined rules, abstract art offers limitless opportunities for expression.  Whether you are just learning how to paint or you are a realist who needs to round out your skill set, I can teach you how to start thinking and painting abstractly. All materials are included.  $250


Painting with Texture–3 hours

Texture adds contrast, beauty and interest to art works.  In this workshop students will learn how to create a variety of textures in their artworks using natural materials from New Mexico, found objects and painting mediums.  $250     **Students may also sign up for a full-day excursion to collect earth pigments from various areas in Northern New Mexico. 

Encaustic Painting Workshops

Encaustic, or hot wax, is made of beeswax, pigment and resin, and Egyptians were the first to utilize this art form over two thousand years ago.  Brought back into the modern art world by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, encaustic is an important part of the contemporary art world while still being a unique media.  These workshops are suited for beginner and intermediate level artists, and will help you to understand all you need to know about encaustic so you can return to your studio ready to create.  All materials are supplied.

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Beginner’s Basics-hours

In this beginner’s class you will learn the basics about encaustic paint, and by the end will be ready to return to your studio and create encaustic paintings on your own.  We will cover suitable supports for painting on, basic painting techniques, fusing layers, and safety.  Materials will be provided.  $350

Intermediate Encaustic Skills-hours

In this class students will learn more advanced encaustic techniques such as working realistically in encaustic, carving, transfers, embedding objects, collage and incorporating photos into paintings.  $250

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The Art of Color: Workshops on Color Theory

“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. ”

-Oscar Wilde

Understanding color theory and applying these principles to an artwork can be the difference between a mediocre painting and a masterpiece.  This course is designed for students who would like to advance their art making by learning color techniques. By the end of the workshop students will understand color theory and will feel confident about color choices in art making.  

Basic Color Theory-hours

In this class students will learn the basic principles of color theory.  Students will learn how to make a color wheel, color mixing and the use of color to create various visual effects.  Students will start a painting using their own mixed colors.  $250

Intermediate Color Theory-hours

In this class students will learn intermediate color theory techniques using color schemes and creating space through color.  Students will learn how to use analogous, complementary and monochromatic colors, and will learn how to create shallow, deep and ambiguous space.  Students will start a painting using their own mixed colors. $250

Advanced Color Theory-hours

In this class students will learn advanced color theory techniques and will learn how to mix a wide variety of colors using only the primaries (red, blue and yellow).  Students will also learn about using earth tones and will mix their own neutral shades.  Students will be asked to bring 5 unique colors from a magazine and they will learn how to mix those exact colors.  Students will start a painting using their own mixed colors.  $250

 About Me as a Teacher

Sitting in front of painting WS

Photo by Anne Staveley

Andrea Joy Cermanski is an artist and educator who has taught Art and English for 13 years.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Masters in Art Education from the University of New Mexico.  A painter for 20 years, she was recently featured in E. Ashley Rooney’s Contemporary Art of the Southwest, has exhibited in Feminists Under Forty, a show curated by Judy Chicago, New Mexico Women Artists, and had her first solo show, Meditations on Nature, in October of 2011.  She was a contributor to the “Crossing Cultural Bridges Project,” and her curriculum on teaching African art in context was published by the Albuquerque Art Museum.  A world traveler, Andrea taught English as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon, and English and Art in Kolkata, India through the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program.  She currently shows her work at the William and Joseph Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe and at Pez Gordo Gallery in Los Cabos, Mexico.



“One of the reasons I loved working with Andrea was because she asked me what I wanted from my session with her.  She did not have any preconceived idea about composition, perspective, color, etc.,  or how the lesson should go, but provided the direction I needed.  I appreciate that Andrea is an intuitive artist so she totally got how I work.  She also supplied the canvas, tools and acrylics for the session, which saved me a lot of time since working in this medium was a first.  I look forward to my next lesson!”  Malika Healey-December 2012

“Thank you, Andrea, for introducing me to a variety of methods using encaustic. You are a patient and gifted teacher. Your studio was such a nice spot to work in. I enjoyed my time learning from you.”  A.O’Donovan-January 2013

“Thanks so much for being so patient with me and helping me with so many issues.  Your teaching style is relaxed and helpful and open – you get an A+ from me!  I hope to get back in the studio this afternoon to work with some of the new ideas I got from you.”  Kate Hollander-February 2013

“Thanks, Andrea, for this wonderful week of painting and for showing me encaustic painting. I love it and definitely will try it again at home! It was fun and I’m sad that it’s already finished.”  Cinzia Hochstrasser-June 2013